Leverage the Powerful Febris Platform, Tools, and Distribution for Clients or Your Own Sales

How does Febris make your life easier?

Learning Management System

Utilize the Febris LMS infrastructure.

Distribution Channels

Febris offers two major distribution channels for content to be sent to your customers.


The Febris system works on PCs and stand alone headsets

Needed Tools

Febris provides the libraries and documentation to meet the newest educational standards

User Testing

Febris provides Test User accounts for your testing convience


Why integrate into an LMS?

  • Collecting educational data is a requirement for a useful simulation. Unfortunately, if the data collected does not fit into an educational standard, it is nearly useless.

  • Give your customers and their generated data more versatility


Educational Standards

There are two primary educational standards. xAPI is less popular. However, it is best for simulations. The Febris system is xAPI native.



  • Utilize the Febris marketplace to allow any Febris LMS User to buy your simulations

  • Have simulations you want to distribute for free? Contact us so we can talk about your options.


Private Distribution

  • If your educational content is not for public use, distribute your educational simulations privately


Mobile Suite

  • The Febris mobile suite can be used with any android based stand alone headset that has WiFi capabilites.

  • Automate distribution and collection

  • See Mobile Suite section for more information


VR Ready PCs

  • The Febris system offeres the ability to easily integrate with VR ready PCs.

  • Febris provides easy to use simulation launchers for VR ready PCs.

  • Automated content management

  • Automated result management



  • Integration libraries for popular engine languages

  • Documentation on library usage


Software packages

  • Febris provides the PC launchers and Mobile systems

  • Test your simulations with our launchers