Safe, Secure, And Under Your Control

Are you concerned about your educational data?
If so, Febris has a few options that may interest you.

We have tried to anticipate your questions

If we have not answered your questions please check our
Febris Advantage and FAQs sections or send us a message.

Localized Deployment

Deploy a localized version of the Febris LMS on servers you control

User Data

User data lives on your local systems

Mobile Suite

Experience true mobility and security


Febris is Hippa Compliant



  • Febris has built in security features but that does not limit your options

  • Keep the Febris deployment behind your own WAF and tailor security to your needs

  • Have more questions? Please contact us.


  • Have complete control over your users and data

  • Want to integrate your own SSO? Contact us and we can talk about options.



  • Do you need FERPA compliance? If so please contact us and we can insure your deployment meets those standards.

Localized User Data

  • No identifiable user data is ever used when generating results from any educational module.


Private Network

  • Never sign headsets onto your network again.

  • Generates a private WiFi network of its own and auto connects with paired headsets

  • Take your devices anywhere you would like to go and know, a network will not be a problem

True Mobility In The Field

  • Ultra low bandwidth usage supporting multipule headsets

  • Never be teathered to a specific location